Thursday, March 25, 2010

grazing in the sun

9" x 12" pastel on toned paper

A quick study for an upcoming commission.
My sketchbook is full of drawings that are more reminiscent of gesture scribbles than quick tonal studies, but I'm getting better at editing faster. Conte stick charcoal and pastels have proven to be more helpful than the pencils. And I get longer poses if I turn the horses out after breakfast as opposed to before dinner.
: )

Monday, March 1, 2010


11" x 14" charcoal

Wiseguy after his breakfast, before his nap.


After reading a few of your comments I thought it suitable to elaborate.

This sweet old boy was a rescue. One of his previous owners had neglected to remove an undersized halter when he was younger which left a permanent indentation on his nose...which I chose to edit out. He has a residual look of fear or mistrust in his eye that surfaces from time to time that this drawing conveys.

Of the three, Wiseguy is the one who most enjoys his daily grooming and watering down in the summer heat. If we haven't brushed down or hosed off the right spot, he kindly reminds us by backing up or turning around in circles. An incredible soul.