Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mr. Specktacular

6" x 6"  |  acrylic on wood panel  |  nfs

Need I say more?
The fabulous Stollenwerks are on 'sabbatical' in Wisconsin and this is their cat, Speck. He's like a downy soft pillow and quite the charmer with those endearing cross-eyed glances. I'm convinced he was the inspiration for the colors of their December wedding a few years back...icy blue and mink...am I right Marita?! ok, that may be stretching it a bit.
: )
This study was recently dispatched from the archives in preparation for a very-special-birthday-surprise commission here in Texas. Two paintings of the same cat - the first as an adorable kitten and the second as a studly two year old.
I love surprises.

tennis anyone?

6" x 6" | oil on wood  |  $90 plus s + h

What a wrap-up of the US Open. There were celebrities, drama and a whole lotta talent!

I love tennis and was inspired by the tournament to finish this painting...after starting it in July of 2009. I remember exactly when I began this piece because is was during my first painter's workshop and the first time I met Carol Marine. I had followed her work for a few years and was in awe of her acute value sensibility and her fresh palette. She was even more delightful than I had anticipated and the whole experience was a major turning point for me.

So here's to tennis champions Stosur and Djokovic and the entire Marine family who continue to inspire, engage and amaze us.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Resilient and Stronger

6" x 6" | oil on wood panel  |  $90 plus s+h


Carol and David Marine of Daily Paintworks lost their home to the Bastrop fire. 100% of the proceeds of this painting will contribute to the Marine family fundraiser. Read more of their story hereTheir family's love for one another and ability to see 'a new adventure' through personal tragedy is nothing short of extraordinary.

We honored the first responders of 9|11 and more recently those battling the wildfires throughout Texas...the Bastrop fire continues to blaze with only 40-50% containment. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flat Island

6" x 8"  |  charcoal on Stathmore

This beautiful view from my mother and father-in-law's deck on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, remains...post-Irene I'm happy to say.

To clarify my last post which was a little ambiguous, the Jones families in the northeast braved the storm. I was in the 'comfort' of the hottest|driest summer on record in central Texas...if only there were a pipeline that would direct all unwanted rain and flooding water plaguing the northeast to remedy our severe drought in the south. And today with wind advisories, many surrounding areas are battling wildfires...may God bless Texas and all others experiencing trying times.

But there is hope! A cold front is in the forecast for tomorrow...a high of only 90 degrees! ahhh...

: )

Rain dance anyone?


At the time of this post, I had no idea that our neighborhood was under mandatory evacuation. When it comes to wildfires during a severe drought people aire on the side of safety - which is a good thing, though it allows for a lot of misinformation to be passed around really fast. Or worst yet, real emergency info spottily distributed in rural areas. Firefighters were battling three major fires in the Austin area and the media was trying to keep up.

evacuation + wildfires + no coverage after the local evening news = ?!

Our neighborhood's lifeline was Google groups and Twitter. Accurate information was posted immediately by reliable sources at multiple lookout points.

If you don't have a neighborhood network set up, get one started.