Monday, September 12, 2011

Resilient and Stronger

6" x 6" | oil on wood panel  |  $90 plus s+h


Carol and David Marine of Daily Paintworks lost their home to the Bastrop fire. 100% of the proceeds of this painting will contribute to the Marine family fundraiser. Read more of their story hereTheir family's love for one another and ability to see 'a new adventure' through personal tragedy is nothing short of extraordinary.

We honored the first responders of 9|11 and more recently those battling the wildfires throughout Texas...the Bastrop fire continues to blaze with only 40-50% containment. 


  1. A beautiful painting, and you are so right about Carol and her family.

    XO Barbara

  2. Thank you Susan and thank you for stopping by!

  3. Barbara,
    I was moved by the recent post of your father. His grace is alive and well within you.

    : )

  4. Marilyn, I'm so glad to have found you through DS Babble! Your mention of Carol and David Marine caught my eye ... I've admired Carol's work for years and while I don't know her well, Jennifer Marine is a very good friend of mine (David's ex) and she is also moving to Oregon to be near Carol and David. I'm an artist and writer living near Driftwood, have recently fallen in love with pastels and am currently taking classes with Libby Peters in DS. Do you know of her? Amazing portrait artist! Your paintings and blog are wonderful and inspire me to someday do an artist's blog. I have a blog but it's for writer's musings! Will look forward to following you!

  5. My apologies, Michelle. I guess I need to check back on my comments more often! I'm sad that the Marines are no longer in Texas, but glad that their together and living happily in Oregon. After all they've been through, I foresee a follow-up show on Dr. Phil! Thank you for stopping by.

    Robin, I always enjoy seeing the process. 'Cowboy Conference' is a beauty.