Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sonny day

9" x 12" charcoal and pastel

I needed a little sunshine today.
In this shot, if I remember correctly, Sonny was patiently tracking his Papa to make sure he went with him to run a few errands in the truck. Whether it's Tractor Supply, Home Depot or the bank, they've got treats for Sonny.
Have you ever seen a dog smile? Sonny smiles.


  1. Marilyn, these dog drawings are exceptional...beautiful, sensitive portrayals. Not sentimentalized either, which is easy to fall into when portraying our pets. This drawing of Sunny has an almost mystical, ethereal quality. I feel the spirit in these animals--nice work!

  2. Thanks Don.
    To be honest, Winslow inspired me to revisit Sunny's photo.
    Granted I don't receive many comments, but whoever reads this please check out Winslow in Don's recent painting, Sunchaser, at I could visualize the light dancing around your studio as the day passed...Winslow and his blanket too! Incredible work.

  3. REally nice work. These aren't just 'dog drawings', you're taking them into the exploration and discovery I think defines art from mere picture making.

    I found your site through the comments on Don's Winslow painting...glad I did. And I think Winslow is just about as doggy as dog should be!!