Thursday, April 8, 2010

another chase

11" x 14" charcoal on Strathmore paper | nfs

I've received a few emails requesting that I post the photograph, if not drawn from life, and an in-process shot of my next drawing. My pleasure!

First I do a quick sketch, then place the features. Darkening select areas with charcoal, my drawing and palette become one as I spread the dry medium onto the lighter areas.

Here's Chase's softer side, the darling I spoke of yesterday.

: )


  1. Marilyn, I really enjoy your work. Great drawing skills and a wonderful feeling of diffused black & white photography in your charcoals.

    Best wishes,
    Stephen Parker

  2. I like your style Marilyn-very sophisticated. Thanks for posting, Perry

  3. It's my Chasey!!! My, is he camera-shy, or what?

    Fantastic take on him as we that know him know he is so multi-faceted (in demeanor as well as coloring).

    Thank you for drawing him. I am so blessed to have such a talented, 'Amazing' friend!!

  4. Hi Marilyn,

    I have fallen in love with this charcaol piece (and the dog). You have captured him beautifully and the finished drawing is tender and elegant. Well done.