Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy birthday to me!

charcoal on Strathmore paper

Jack will be 13 tomorrow. He's thrilled as you can see here! We're celebrating with walks and treats and a almost every other day.

: )

I'm painting a series of skyscapes and charcoal sketches really get me limbered-up for the range of values needed. Artist Laurel Daniel is exceptional in capturing the subtleties and contrasts in her landscapes.


  1. OOPS, Marilyn, I commented from my daughter's account a minute ago...why don't these young people log off??? hahaha V....

  2. OOPS looks like the comment from daughter's account did not go throuugh anyway!...I wanted to say THANKS for YOUR nice comment, and that I have not looked in to your blog for a while and that I LOVE your charcoal animals/dogs....great work, and happy birthday to HAPPY Mr. Jack!

  3. awww, happy birthday Jack-here's wishing a belly rub for you. Gorgeous drawing.

  4. Very good works, this frame is original, it shows you love these friends of his.

  5. Beautiful drawing. Happy Birthday to Jack.

    I love your work.

    Take care,


  6. Really great work Marilyn, I love that pose!

  7. You are so good - I love the marks, I love the composition, I love the personality you caught!! And thank you for your kind mention.