Tuesday, February 15, 2011

present and accounted for

mosh pit


Tru blue

puppy love

Karen Appleton, a Chicago-based artist, had an idea which has inspired a movement. Check this: Present And Accounted For.

Her thought was to send out symbolic gifts to all who wished to participate. Documented photographs were sent back to Karen and those of us participating would relay the gift to a friend and so on. It's all about reminding us that "the spirit of generosity is alive and well." I believe it also triggers the awareness of the many blessings in our lives.

At this moment, dozens - maybe hundreds - of these 'presents' are circling the planet. How cool is that?

When I received mine, I put it on one of the layout tables in my studio like a bouquet of flowers. A week or so passed and I wondered how I'd know when to contribute to her project. When I awoke to a sparkling blanket of snow a few mornings later, I knew it was going to be picture day! Great fun. Thanks for letting us play, Karen.

She and her husband recently adopted a Great Dane puppy - all 5mo and 70+ lbs! The last photo celebrates their blessing, the joyful new addition to their family.

It was only fitting that I share this story on this special day, my mother's birthday. She's the most incredible, loving and generous person I know. Have a wonderful day Jeannie!


  1. How cool! Happy Birthday to your mother Marilyn.


  2. Thank you Barbara.

    Your painting of the primulas reflected your happy day beautifully. pure joy.