Sunday, May 1, 2011

my muse

Some say if you want to be taken seriously as an artist, its best to keep it professional and not to get too personal on your blog. But when Jack, my loyal companion for over 13 years, died last March - that convention flew out the window. Art is personal. My process is personal. Life is personal. I grew to realize what a disservice it would be to not share in celebrating his life that in so many ways has enriched mine.

So here's a little tribute to Jack Flanegan. This is the day Jack and I met...yes, that's me with the clown vest on (?). My friend, Shannon, and fellow coworkers rescued him as a pup from a shelter and gave me this bundle of joy snuggled in my Christmas stocking the year my father passed on. He survived Parvo when he was 3-months-old which to me was a testament to the power of prayer, his inner strength and incredible soul. My little super hero (he actually had a white star marked on his chest) became my first studio dog who wonderfully reminded me when it was time to take a break. 

Jack loved riding in the truck, playing with sticks or tennis balls (thank goodness for the Chuckit!) and he loved loved loved to go swimming. No matter the watering hole, he'd run to the highest launch, making the biggest splash (I can still hear it) while retrieving his ball. pure joy.

He was my confidant and my muse...and I feel lost without him. He was a blessing, no - he is a blessing and I am forever grateful.

: )


  1. Hi Marilyn,

    I am so sorry. What a beautiful dog. I disagree with the whole notion that we can't include our lives in our artist blogs. Thank you for posting this tribute. Like you I have animal family who mean the world to me. My dog Zoey is 11 and I think about how life would be without her. My cats too are essential to my well being. I feel for you, yes he is a blessing. Love is always a blessing, even when it hurts.


  2. Marilyn, I included the deaths of my dear cats in my blog. My feeling is that the blog is 'live'.
    No explanation necessary for sharing your loss. We all understand and it's so meaningful to post photos and tell some stories about our dearest fur babies. The connection is as deep and meaningful as any human family member.
    I hope you'll adopt another rescue. There is no love like dog love!

  3. Marilyn, your description and photos of Jack brought me to tears, so similar to my Mimi. She also loved water, the ball - the further we threw it with the chuckit the better - and she always found it, and wanted to constantly play any game of any sort - inventing new games everyday, in every situation. she was acutely sensitive and perceptive, so tuned into our every mood, it was uncanny. We knew while she was alive that she was a pure treasure. I can tell from your blog sharing that Jack was a miracle and angel too, like Mimi. One of a kind, unreplaceable. I'm so sorry for your loss too, Marilyn. Thank you so much for sharing :-) hugs, Patti