Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gratitude pie with sprinkles!

Flanegan | 6" x 6"  |  oil on primed, reclaimed wood panel  |  sold

   We're so grateful to see, smell and feel the rain addition to the promising forecast of more showers this weekend.
   There was an article in Monday's New York Times' Science section entitled, "A Serving Of Gratitude May Save The Day". More and more research supported the notion that giving thanks is good for you.
   May we all remember that when gathered around the table with family and friends...and one kind, well-meaning soul ingites the conversation with politics or the economy. (lol!)
   A joyful Thanksgiving holiday to all. Serve it up and cop an 'attitude of gratitude' - they say it's contagious!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Marilyn. My students wrote about gratitude today, and I talked about "an attitude of gratitude and that's not a platitude," and Al Franken. So sorry he quit SNL and got serious. I am grateful for artists like you. So grateful.

    XO Barbara