Thursday, January 26, 2012

Henry's pasture

Henry's pasture  |  Flanegan  |  sold
We received over two inches of rain which was quite heavenly. In between torrential downpours and a bit of hail, the fog lingered in for a visit and we had a chat. I love how it transforms the Texas landscape and find it so comforting.
Once I found a spot, set up and sat down to paint (I don't have an easel yet), I had wished the fencing was not in my sight line. Then I saw the light in the raindrops, the deer grazing nearby and the birds flushed out by my dog, Tru - which I would never have experienced had my only reference been a photograph of the pasture. Love getting out of the studio.
Near freezing temps are forecast for this evening. I miss my Ohio.


  1. Replies
    1. Beautiful,

      I think we had a similar day this week. Lovely fog and
      strange icey rain too. Not warm enough out to paint really.

      XO Barbara

  2. What a great concept and design--really nice, Marilyn!

  3. I love the sensitivity you put into all your paintings. great combination coupled with your strong designs.

  4. The mood in this is wonderful Marilyn, your work is unique and very powerful.

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous painting! I love that you decided to show us the beauty in the fence and rain drop, it adds so much to the overall feel of the landscape. It makes me miss AL :)