Tuesday, March 27, 2012

9: Two Apples Short of a Pie

Two Apples Short of a Pie  |  Flanegan  |   5" x 5"  oil on primed wood panel  |  $80 + t|s|h

I still have pie on the brain.
A while back I bought Winsor and Newton Water Mixable Oil Colours because I love the characteristics of oils, but not the solvents. I'm happy with everything but the consistency of the paint which is kind of a big deal - they're firmer, not as buttery. Any suggestions from my painter friends out there? I prefer paint out of the tube, but I used the water mixable medium suggested and went back to paint out of the tube. Then I tried a smaller brush and we battled it out...some paintings put up a fight...it was a 'flurry' of activity.
: )
I trust it'll work itself out.

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