Saturday, July 7, 2012

15: Basset Wader

Basset Wader [detail]  |  Flanegan  | 6"x 12" oil on re-purposed wood panel  | $225

yes, I know. This image should be horizontally oriented; however, during the uploading process the photo rotated 90 degrees. Has this happened to anyone else? I tried to remedy this curious no avail...ugh.
The inspiration for this image was the Daily Paintworks Challenge. Very fun!

A Mother's Flag [detail] |  Flanegan  | 12"x 12" acrylic on re-purposed wood panel  | sold

In June my computer sadly bit the dust. I'm grateful that my files were backed-up, though successfully re-installing my software is another matter entirely. So I haven't blogged.

But yesterday I was given powerful incentive to start posting again. I love my iPhone but plan to re-shoot the pics when I'm able. So regardless of photo orientation or image quality - I will prevail!!!

: )

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  1. Love both paintings. I figured out how to see the top one properly. Really lovely. I just sat staring at it in awe.

    XO Barbara