Tuesday, October 23, 2012

25 : the bloomers

the bloomers | Flanegan | 6"x 6" oil on wood panel | DPW Hurricane Sandy Auction

Glorious rain is to flowers as kindness is to the soul. I feel like I'm in bloom, blessed by some of the most precious friends on the planet.

This second take of the cone flowers was painted after studying with talented and accomplished artist, Laurel Daniel at the The Art School at Laguna Gloria. She is wonderfully confident and generous with her knowledge and experience. The class (a birthday gift from a friend) was very fun and quite helpful in keeping my values in check. It's so easy to be distracted by color.

The garden was sprinkled with contrast and saturated color as the sun came out after a much-needed steady rainfall. If flowers could smile, this is how I imagine them...

: )


  1. What a wonderful post and painting. Love everything about it, words and colors (love that deep green and magenta) making me smile and think how grateful I am for such good friends too! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn!! It was my great delight to watch your remarkable talent in class. ALSO, this piece is GORGEOUS!!! The colors AND the values absolutely sing. XOXOX

  3. Wonderful story and gorgeous painting indeed!! Lovely Marilyn!

  4. I love paintings with juxtaposed high contrasts, bold and confident brushwork and the color pink! So I must love this and I do, I do!

  5. Thank you Karen. Congratulations and have fun at your book release party!!

  6. Laurel - Your students love you!!

    Great to hear from you Helen - your drawings and watercolors are inspired and prolific. pure joy!

    Thank you for stopping by, Shirley. Congratulations on your Award of Merit in 2012 Best of America national juried show!

  7. Gorgeous. I love everything you do. Distracted by colour? I am so distracted. But it's an addiction so there's not enough time to recover from it. I love your paintings, and your colour (oh oh -- I think that's part of the addiction -- loving other people's use of colour.)

    XO Barbara

  8. Barbara! Transporting yourself to classrooms all over the planet via Skype - how cool is that?! You're awesome.