Friday, December 25, 2015


I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I'm having a very Merry Christmas with dear friends and delicious food. Have you ever experienced Cherries Jubilee?! It was a first for me. The dish was brought to the dinner table and lit on fire - blue flames fleetingly dancing over the cherries and served over ice cream - absolutely divine.
How wonderful it is to enjoy your friend's family's Christmas traditions? Among the lovely holiday decorations was the Santa hat on Rowdy Girl, a painting I had given to my friends after she passed on a few years ago. Our little angel with her Christmas spirit. precious. 
After the flurry of exchanging presents and blessings of the feast, out came the musical instruments - another family tradition. It was a joy to behold. So much so that I've been inspired to dust off my guitar...maybe a resolution in the coming year is in order.
(did I just say the R word?!)

Wishing All a Lovely Christmas and Happy Holiday

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  1. Yes I have had Cherries Jubilee and loved it. Wonderful painting -- such a tribute. Wishing you all the best for an amazing New Year in 2016.