Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gothic Gateway

Gothic Gateway | oil on panel | 12" x 12" Flanegan $575
This trail leads Peanut and company to the upper pasture. I was drawn to the dappled light and how the trees seemed to form a Gothic archway over the path.

It was partly sunny so the values fluctuated throughout the morning, high-contrast in between clouds to low-contrast with the sun behind the clouds. Which turned out to be a good thing - usually when outdoors, I paint at a faster pace. This time I was forced to slow down and wait for the passing clouds. That said, a quote credited to Claude Monet came to mind, "Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment."
: )
The opening of our Plein Air Austin Exhibit is this evening, 4-6p at the Corridor of Art, 700 Lavaca in Austin and you are most welcome to join us! Due to tighter security, it's a tough window of time for our guests, but the show will be up through November 7th. 


  1. The light effect is very effective, and such a nice atmosphere. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the exhibit.

  2. It was good to meet up with again yesterday. Must admit I thought your paintings stood out, head and shoulders over the rest. Loved these paintings. I have posted images on the PAA facebook page for other members to see.

  3. Really spectacular, Marilyn. Sun dappled goodness, very worth the wait.