Sunday, January 31, 2010

step x step, take 2

7.5" x 25.5" acrylic on blended wood | nfs

As mentioned in an earlier post, this piece was inspired by my friend's 43rd birthday, 09/09/09. A special day or what?! Today I was reminded that I hadn't shown the finished work.
I was given a bag of painted white pieces of wood that Birthday Girl never wanted to see again, we've all had those DIY projects, yes? In the spirit of 'never say never' they were repurposed, repainted and intended to be regifted to BG - 43 bits composed in nine rows - as shown in the second photo. I liked the concept, but it wasn't what I had imagined. The inlaid turquoise aesthetic I had pictured in my head turned out more like cold, awkward cobblestone.
How could I expect my friend to enjoy the piece, if I wasn't happy with it? So I sanded it down and started over which was a little scary, may sound crazy to some but there was really no other option. It's common for painters to now and again wipe off unsuccessful in-process works on canvas. I was much happier with the finished piece as shown in the first photo.
There is a freedom on the other side of the fear of making mistakes. Though the second attempt doesn't always turn out more pleasing, there are no mistakes as far as I am concerned...only opportunities for learning...and I've learned a lot.
: )


  1. It was beautiful to begin with, it is beautiful now. M is a very lucky Birthday Girl. I do like the depth and richness in the "after."

  2. Thank you Donna.
    I'm in my studio looking at your painting...and she's looking right back at me. I promise to repair only the damaged area and to return her soon, As You Wish.

    : )