Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer sky

detail of 12" x 29" oil and acrylic on blended wood panel

Here's the sister painting to the previous posting of morning sky #3 in celebration the first day of summer.

A better shot, but again, another detail as I am having troubles adjusting the magnified focus to auto focus. What you see is the last quarter of the painting, positioned left to right.
The constructed sides I had envisioned for these pieces unfortunately did not work out for this larger size, but it will be revealed in smaller works soon.
The wood in this panel was originally headed for the burn pit. Some see old and weathered, while others see blue sky.
: )

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  1. Okay - I am several layers IN now and have to say again. Wow. I love your drawings and i LOVE these constructs!!!! Did you ever finish this??? Would love to see the whole piece. So, so, so glad I found your blog.