Monday, June 7, 2010

study of hoover

9" x 12" pastel on bristol

So good to be back. I truly have missed you.
This is Hoover, our gentle giant and guardian of our three-year-old granddaughter.
I know, finally branching out to color once again. But how could I not? He's graced with a myriad of lush chestnut hues.
My Hoover, my muse.


  1. breathtaking. so good to have you back posting. i have missed you and your muses. musi? :-]

  2. it's nice to be missed! thanks Donna.

  3. Wonderful! The white stripe up the forehead and opening out into the background is brilliant.

  4. Thanks Perry. I'm looking forward to seeing more beautiful works for your October show.

  5. You are very kind, good to hear from you Don. I hope you and Winslow had a great time at the lake. My bassetts are waders too.