Sunday, October 30, 2011

the Sunday night blues


  1. I see a hint of another face in the background - fabulous as always!

  2. Beautiful and poignant. I love your brushwork.

    XO Barbara

  3. ok Marilyn, this will be an outright admiration letter. I've spent about an hour enjoying most of your posts, admiring your writing and just gawking at your artwork. Just everyting - full of mysery, light, airyness (word?), a beautful light touch that captures the essence of your subjects. I so admire that Japanese like efficiency of statement. thanks for sharing your talent.

  4. Always good to hear from you, Donna, thank you

    Thank you, Barbara, and good luck on your shows this holiday season.

    Robin - you need to stop by more often!
    : )
    Your kindness is so appreciated.