Thursday, January 16, 2014

hi guy!

Rolex | 6" x 4" oil on linen panel Flanegan | commission
This is a study for a commission I'm working on - one of many expressions that I could not resist to paint. Rolex is a tough little guy - lost his front left leg to cancer a while back. Here he is livin' large.


  1. That painting is a fabulous work of art. Not only is the expression on Rolex the Watchdog capture his spirit, the composition of the painting is superb. Elegance and simplicity are the words that come to mind.

    Marilyn is a terrific artist. The genuine article.

    Dwight Oglesby

  2. Be still my heart . . . .that's our dog . . . captured perfectly!
    Thank you , Marilyn.

  3. Marilyn,

    You are a terrific artist, and this is wonderful.

    XOXOXO Barbara

  4. Love Rolex--love the design and paint quality.