Thursday, January 30, 2014

Umlauf's Lilies

Lily's pad | 11" x 7" oil on wood panel Flanegan | nfs
This was the last painting from my AMOA Plein Air class taught by Austin's own Laurel Daniel. Her work is transporting and as an instructor - a lovely, generous spirit.
That morning at Umlauf's Sculpture Garden was quite memorable. When we arrived temps were in the 30s, but it was sunny, the birds were chirping and the sculpted figures were good company.
Originally an 11x14, I ended up cutting the painting in half  - I was much happier with the composition - split happens.

; )


  1. Beautiful. Was this recently? We've had temperatures down to 24 below Celsius. I'm not jealous, but I could be. Aha split happens eh? As someone new to wood, that's an exciting thought.

    XOXOXO Barbara

  2. I just happened over to see your little wooden piece (love that one too) and then I saw this old friend. Apparently split DOES HAPPEN - and I LOVE the result. This turned out great!. XOXOXO