Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Umlauf's Pond

Umlauf's Pond | 11x 7" oil on panel Flanegan sold
I began painting this outdoors and finished it in the studio yesterday, a year and a half later.  A friend's comment had given me pause, rightfully so. It's good and necessary to periodically discern what we're trying to say with our work.

Some say water lilies have already been done. This may be true, but I learn so much while painting them. And I'm not competing with the Masters anyway - what if we all gave up painting subjects that have already been painted? What a loss that would be.

Hopefully we learn from the Masters, but make each composition our own. I love that the sound of rippling water from the fish surfacing for food still lingers with this painting. 

Here's her twin {I chose to split the panel} posted in January of last year.  In my painting above I used a reference photo with the sun behind the clouds as you can see with the tighter range of values as compared to the sunny skies with the linked painting.

Happy to see that I've loosened up a bit, with a little help from my friends.
: )

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